Mobile Flush

You may worry about a temporary toilet..
Mobile Flush is the best solution to all problems
of a temporary toilet.

You must need temporary toilets for various situations such as Construction Job-Sites, Filming/Photoshoot Sites, Emergency Services, Tourist Attractions, Sight-seeing Locations. However, it takes you a lot of effort to install and maintain them. We can provide a solution by Mobile Flush.


An additional heavy machinery is required for installing ordinary temporary toilets. Extra man-power is also required for loading and unloading them


Answer Simply park Mobile Flush in the desired area and that's it, ready to use! No additional heavy machinery required, or any extra man-power, you can make last-minute changes with ease and it's easy to maintain

Equipped with all stuff

Once ordinary temporary toilets are installed, it is very hard to move them even with a few feet and you need extra costs every time.

Answer Once you park Mobile Flush, it can be moved easily after enclosing the side arms(*) to prevent horizontal vibrations. You just need to start the engine and drive it. There is no need for extra costs except the cost for a driver. *optional equipment


You have to admit, ordinary temporary toilets don't have a very welcoming appearance; People often tend to avoid to use them..They are installed away from people's sights.

Answer The appearance of Mobile Flush is not like a toilet. You do not need to worry about where to install it.

A temporary toilet needs water for flushing. You will need a lot of man-power to supply the water and then disposing the waste before returning it.

Answer It is very easy to supply water, as all you have to do is to drive Mobile Flush to a water tap. A waste tank is designed to dispose waste easily.

Mobile Flush is the best solution to all problems of ordinary temporary toilets!

Mobile Flush

Frequently Asked Questions for Mobile Flush

Question How long can I use it without emptying out the tank?
Answer In general, 5 liters of water including waste are needed for flushing a toilet at one time. The tank size of Mobile Flush is 280 liters. You can use it up to 56 times. For example, if 10 people use it for stool per day, it can be used up to 5.6 days.
Question Can I see how much of the waste tank is filled from the outside?
Answer There is a sensor to check the volume of waste in the tank and you can also check the amount of water with a meter on the water supply tank
Question Can I choose the color of Mobile Flush?
Answer Yes. ( *optional service)
Question Can I specify the custom-made layout. For example, if I wanted two western style toilets, would that be possible?
Answer No. The layout can not be changed. From the entrance, there is an urinal on the left and a western style toilet ( toilet bowl) on the right
Question Can you change a western style toilet ( toilet bowl) to a Japanese style toilet?
Answer Yes.
Question Is the vehicle classified as a light vehicle in the inspection system?
Answer No. It is changed to an ordinary vehicle with a license plate whose number starts from 8 and registered as a vacuum car. The inspection is required once a year.
Question How about the soundproofing and heat proofing?
Answer An ordinary temporary toilet is made of plastic, but the walls of Mobile Flush are covered with robust FRP shell and heat insulating material is installed inside the wall. The soundproofing and heat proofing system of Mobile Flush are outstanding. In use, the sound is very quiet since the material of an urinal and a toilet bowl are the same as residential ones.
Question Where can I purchase Mobile Flush?
Answer Our nationwide authorized dealers can introduce the nearest shop for you. Feel free to contact us from the contact form

Once you step inside, Mobile Flush appears and feels like a conventional stationary restroom with a variety of furnished and convenient amenities.

Large Capacity!! Water tank is 100 liters!! Waste Tank is 280 liters!!
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